Hosted PBX Platform

TeleData Link is a next generation communications solution provider. We provide next generation communications services to all industries.

These services include Hosted PBX and UCCaaS (Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service), Hosted Call Center, Virtual Fax, Web Conferencing and Video Surveillance.

Behind the scenes TeleData Link provides the Application Systems and Operational and Business Support Systems needed to make everything work together seamlessly and with minimal downtime.

TeleData Link was founded by VoIP industry veterans to meet the next generation communications needs.

Our business is to manage your Telecommunications Infrastructure with state of the art technology and consumer confidence delivery.

TeleData Link is a fully managed, UCCaaS platform that delivers performance at the highest level.

The solution is unlike anything available on the market today, and has been carefully engineered to optimize success.

Robust Features: Built on best-of-breed SIP network architecture, TeleData Link allows you to harness and control a comprehensive set of Class 5 and IP-Centrex calling features today and the next generation of collaborative communications into the future.

Scalability – This fully managed TeleData Link service includes provisioning, management and network maintenance with seamless scalability.

Network – TeleData Link is geographically redundant infrastructure-as-a-service offering hosted at premium InterNAP facilities in New York, Dallas and Las Vegas (2017). With seamless failover using active-active servers, our network architecture guarantees the highest uptime levels.

Telco – TeleData Link is a neutral service platform. As such, you always have the flexibility to BYOT – that is, to interconnect with the PSTN termination facilities and providers of your choice. However, you will always have access to competitively priced DIDs and PSTN termination service, using top tier carriers through TeleData Link.


We would be happy to schedule a demo to help you learn about TeleData Link.